Take Action Now to Support Medicaid Improvements

Governor Snyder's recently proposed budget contains recommendations that would improve dental Medicaid for both children and adults. Dentists have long cited low reimbursements and administrative difficulties as reasons behind low Medicaid participation. Programs like Healthy Kids Dental have proven to reduce these burdens and increase access to care. The Governor has proposed to expand Healthy Kids Dental to the remaining 3 counties of Kent, Oakland and Wayne by covering children ages 0-8 in the first year, and then incrementally increasing the coverage age in future budgets until all children are covered through age 20.

The Governor has also proposed bidding out the adult dental Medicaid program to an HMO with the goal of increasing reimbursement rates and improving administration to increase provider participation. These are changes dentistry has long sought and now is the critical time to support these proposals.

Simply click Take Action to find a pre-written letter to your legislators. You can customize the letter with your own experiences if you wish, but it's really a numbers game. Legislative offices tally the number of contacts they receive for or against a particular issue and use that when deciding how they will vote. Take Action today to show your support for Healthy Kids Dental and improvements to adult dental Medicaid - it's quick, easy and it makes a difference!

Bill Sullivan, JD
Director of Government and Insurance Affairs

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